The Lodge of Industry No.48

Family Tree

W Bro Amos has produced a family tree for the Lodge of Industry and it displays those Lodges that have the Lodge of Industry as their “Mother” or sponsoring Lodge and the off-shoots from these Lodges.   However, it doesn’t show the number of Lodges where a member of the Lodge of Industry was a founder member and although no research has been done into this area there will be many Lodges in both the Province of Durham and the Province of Northumberland where this will be the case.  A number spring immediately to mind:  St John’s Lodge No 1712, Lodge Temperance No 2557, North Durham Lecture Lodge No 8125 and the John Stephenson Lecture Lodge No 9571.   Sadly the last two have been erased, and also since the Tree was compiled in 2011, Northbourne Lodge No 3241, Minerva Lodge No 3385, Winlaton Lodge No 4546, Blaydon St Cuthbert’s No 6962 and the Millennium Lodge of Research No 9728 have also handed in their Warrants and been erased.