The Lodge of Industry No 48

Coastworth Road

Industry Masonic Hall Coatsworth Road

The Lodge of Industry moved to Coatsworth Road after Industry Masonic Hall in Jackson Street, Gateshead was closed in xxxx. It remained at Coatsworth Road until 24th March 1986 when after the Installation of Bro James Ruddick Dodd it was closed and the Lodge moved to Gateshead Masonic Hall, Alexander Road hold its first meeting there on 27th April when two candidates were initiated. 

Installation of Bro William (Billy) Robertson on 25th March 1985.

Senior Warden Bro James Ruddick Dodd and Junior Warden Bro Peter Colin Bowen

Looking east to the Master’s Pedestal and Chair

West – Senior Warden’s Pedestal and the two Scagliola Marble Pillers

South –  Junior Warden’s Pedestal

A triptych of the three Grand Masters with the two Scribes on either side