The Lodge of Industry No 48

Bro Joseph Laycock and Lodge of Industry Provincial Grand Masters

The following has been extracted from the History of the Lodge of Industry No 48 by Bro Robert Whitefield, PM, PPGDC, PPJGW published in 1911

Bro Robert Whitfield in his History of the Lodge of Industry published in 1911 writes; in the Freemasons’ Magazine for 1794 it is reported:


“In some ancient records we find Masonry in this town in 1725.   This ancient Lodge flourished very much in the principles and practice of the Royal Science.   The mysteries of the Harodim were exercised and carried on at Winlaton, the residence of the Prov. Grand Master”

In the list of Provincial Grand Masters, copied from Bro Dr Desagulier’s constitutions, we find the following appointments:-

“1734, by the Earl of Cauford, Grand Master:

            Joseph Laycock, Esq, for Durham

            Matthew Ridley, Esq, for Northumberland

At the time of his appointment Bro Joseph Laycock was Senior Warden of the Lodge.  In “ Memorandums Of Sundry Persons Names That Were Made Ffree Of The Society” appears the name of Joseph Laycock, June 25, 1733. William Bourn in his History of Ryton, page 132 informs us that early in the 18th Century Mr Joseph Laycock came from Wetherby, in Yorkshire to manage for factory (Crowleys).   This gentleman had three sons, Joseph, Richard and Robert.   Joseph was born November 24 1798 and was engaged in the iron trade at Winlaton and in the manufacture of railway wagons at Stella, by which he became a wealthy man.   He was Mayor of Newcastle in 1858 and died August 2nd, 1881.

Extract from the Minute Book – June ye 24th 1734:

         Edwards Alport, Master Mason

        Joseph Laycock, Senr Warden

        Joseph Clark, Junr Warden

        Kendrick Jones, Senr Deacon or Steward

        Thomas Willson, Junr Deacon or Steward


Extract from the Minute Book – Memorandum June ye 24, 1735: “At a Lodge held at Brother Thompson’s at Swalwell, when the Lodge was constituted by Mr Joseph Laycock, Provincial Grand Master”.

            Kendrick Jones, Master

           Wm Hawdon           } Wardens

           John Armstrong     }

           Matthew Lee           } Stewards

           Alex Turner             }

(This is the first entry naming “Swalwell” as the place of meeting


Bro Joseph Laycock disappears as Provincial Grand Master in 1743 and according to a Minute dated 24th June 1743, the following names are given:

            Kendrick Jones, Prov G Master

            Wm Hawdon, Dept G Master

            Michael Dalton      }

            Thomas Dalton      }Senr and Junr Wardens

            Wm Dalton, Gd Treasurer


June 23, 1744 – Elected then for the ensuing year:-

            Tho Dalton, P G Master

            Wm Hawdon, Deputy G M

            Michael Dalton, Sen Warden

            James Foy,          Junr  “   “

            Ra Hawdon, G Treasurer


            Constituted Lodge

            John Hawdon, Master

            John Lawther,        }

            Michl Hawdon       }Wardens


Minute: September 4th 1781:

“From the Charter granted to this Lodge in the year 1734, by the Right Hon Earl of Crauford, authorizing us to appoint a Provincial Master, we have unanimously, upwards of ten brethren present, Members of this Lodge, elected our Worshipful Master, David Richardson, to that most honourable office during his life.”

Provincial Grand Masters appointed by the Lodge of Industry

1734    Bro Joseph Laycock

1743    Bro Kendrick Jones

1745    Bro William Hawdon

1745    Bro Kendrick Jones (Deputy GM)

1746    Bro R A Hawdon

1747    Bro John Hawdon

1748    Bro John Lawther

1749    Bro William Gibson

1750    Bro John Tayne

1751    Bro Thomas Liddle

1752    Bro William Hawdon

1753    Bro R A Hawdon

1754    Bro John Hawdon

1755    Bro John Lawther

1756    Bro Thomas Liddle

1757    Bro William Burton

1758    Bro John Rayne

1759    Bro William Gibson

1760    Bro William Burton

1761    Bro Ralph Hawdon

1762    Bro Thomas Liddle

1762    Bro William Burton

1781    Bro David Richardson (for life)

Bro Whitfield writes: “About 1787 the Marquis of Granby Lodge took the initiative probably after the death of Bro David Richardson and conjointly with the other Lodges, petitioned the Grand Lodge for a Patent to be made out appointing Bro W H Lambton, MP, to be Prov G Master, which the Grand Master, HRH Henry Frederick, Duke of Cumberland confirmed.”   Bro W H Lambton was installed as Provincial Grand Master in 1787 and died in 1797.   He was the father of VW Bro The Rt Hon John George Lambton, 1st Baron Durham, 1st Viscount Lambton and 1st Earl of Durham, Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath, Privy Councillor, Provincial Grand Master of Durham (1818-1840) and Northumberland (1836-1840), Deputy Grand Master (1834-1835) and Pro-Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England (1839-1840).

The Provincial Year Book of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham recognises Bro Joseph Laycock as the first Provincial Grand Master, therefore, it is safe to assume that from 1734 until 1781 the Lodge of Industry No 48 appointed the Provincial Grand Master for the Masonic Province of Durham.   Bro Laycock’s Provincial Grand Master’s jewel is loaned to the Provincial Museum by the Lodge.